Daily Horoscope FEB 24, 2020

Aries FEB 24, 2020: Do you want to live your life your own way, or do you want to figure out how other people expect you to live your life and then put all your energy into living up to what you think their ideal is? If your reputation is your top concern, where on your list of priorities would you put your happiness? Stop making choices based on how you look in the eyes of others. That doesn’t matter in the long run. Do something because it’s right for you.

Taurus FEB 24, 2020: If you’re thinking about going on any type of vacation adventure, you’d better start getting organized or it might never happen. Making travel plans might seems like a lot of effort at first, but it will actually be quite fun once you get going. There are tons of websites, books, magazines, and other sources that can give you great ideas about where to go and what to do. Take some time to run through all your many options, then start booking.

Gemini FEB 24, 2020: A friend or partner you feel is your equal doesn’t share that opinion. Recently, their accomplishments have given them the idea that they’re an authority figure over you. It’s hilarious to you, but it’s serious business to them. You need to wake them up to the fact that while they’ve grown more influential in some areas, they don’t have more influence over you than they used to! Deliver this news with a smile and they’ll end up laughing right along with you.

Cancer FEB 24, 2020: Reach out to a weepy friend today. They need some help in getting their groove back. Urge this friend to spend some time with you exploring the world. You don’t have to go far. You just have to go somewhere. Sure, they may not feel like coming out right away, but if you turn on the charm and convince them of all the fun they can have, they might just change their mind. Not everyone is capable of showing someone a good time quite the way you are!

Leo FEB 24, 2020: You could meet someone who makes it easy to open up and share some details about your life. And their timing couldn’t be better. You know it’s time to let down your guard a little bit more. You should feel free to trust your instincts this time. Listen to your own heart and then act on your feelings. Even if your feelings are off the mark, they’ll lead you to a wonderful new understanding about what you truly want out of your life.

Virgo FEB 24, 2020: This is a good day to think through complex ideas and put together some new plans for the future. Your brain is in a very shrewd place, and you’ll be able to sort through all kinds of muddled ideas to find the right loose ends to tie together. If you’re made a group leader, you’ll excel in the position. In addition to being mentally agile right now, you’re exceptionally charming. People are going to follow you no matter what decision you make.

Libra FEB 24, 2020: Woo-hoo! Look at yourself; after all, everyone else is! Your social status is on a spectacular upswing, and the invitations are going to start flooding in very soon. You’ll be in high demand by a wide array of fascinating people, one of whom you’ve been dying to get to know better. This new popularity will feed your sentimentality, which will help you see the best in everyone you meet. People are good, and they’ll be making you feel good!

Scorpio FEB 24, 2020: Watch your spelling and punctuation today. Written communication involves more than content. Your grammar, style, and attention to detail convey important messages more quickly than what you’re saying does. Double-check punctuation and make sure to check the spelling on every document, even if it’s just a quick e-mail to a friend about some gossip you overheard. Get in the habit of practicing flawless communication. Expect more of yourself.

Sagittarius FEB 24, 2020: Someone’s unusual behavior is a red flag for something else. Find out what the real deal is today. No, it’s not your imagination. They aren’t acting the way they usually act. This change in behavior can’t go without comment. For all you know, they could be testing you. Are you paying attention to them? Make a quick phone call or send a cheerful e-mail inquiring if there is anything they want to talk about. They’ve been waiting for you to start the conversation.

Capricorn FEB 24, 2020: If you’re doing something just because you want to gain recognition today, do something else. Impressing others is a nice idea, but it’s not something to build an entire project on. It’s a shaky foundation at best. How do you know for sure that they’ll be wowed by this endeavor of yours? It could very well be that once you put all that hard work into it, they’ll have changed their mind about what they want. Do what you want, then you know you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Aquarius FEB 24, 2020: Avoiding conflict can be exhausting, and sometimes it’s just not worth all the effort. If you’ve been keeping your head down and trying to stay out of an argument, you should feel free to stop doing so today. It’s a waste of your time. Go ahead and tell that person exactly what you think of their opinions or actions! Not only will it feel good to get it off of your chest, it will also educate them. The fact is, they’re acting in a way that isn’t earning them respect.

Pisces FEB 24, 2020: Respect is something that’s difficult to earn but very easy to lose. To make sure you keep your respect for yourself, don’t compromise any of your beliefs. People will see you standing up for your principles and admire you all the more for it. If you feel you’re losing respect for someone you used to hold in high esteem, give them the benefit of the doubt. Consider outside influences as a big factor in the changes they’ve been going through. Give them one more chance.

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